Inspiring Change Through Art And Love: An Interactive Art Performance By Artist Gülay Alpay

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Los Angeles, (March 5, 2014)—Interactive, participatory and provocative artist Gulay Alpay will stage an exuberant art happening in the heart of Hollywood at the corner Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. on Saturday, March 8 at 11:11 a.m

Gulay’s urban art happenings—part art exhibit, part performance piece—inspire passersby of all ages to stop snapping photos with their phones, and participate in her pieces. Even her body becomes part of the canvass. At similar events held in public squares in Istanbul, Vienna, New York and London, hundreds of art participants engaged with her pieces or even picked up paint brushes to create a collective canvass.

Gulay’s work, less high art than high purpose, blurs lines between artist and spectator. Her hour-long artistic ritual is a tribute to the March 8 observance of International Women’s Day 2014.

The Turkish artist paints on silk, and her work can run 30-feet in length. Unframed, they hang like banners left to flutter in the wind, evoking a sense of freedom or Tibetan prayer flags.


NY Arts described Gulay’s paintings as “full of poetry, vibrant colors, and light.” Her rich use of color evokes the work of Kandinsky, Pollock and De Kooning. While her public interactive work scuttles boundaries between craft and fine art, viewers in the end are struck by its beauty and grace.

Gulay’s Los Angeles event is presented by Art 4 All People, LLC, an arts advocacy organization and Center for Art, Creativity, Consciousness and Well-being in Malibu.

For more information and images of Gulay’s work or on Art 4 All People, visit: or


Turkish Artist, Gulay Alpay with Ceylan Hulya MA, Co-Founder of Art 4 All People.

Source: Art 4 All People

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