Whale Song: Art, Aloha, Environment, YogART, Global Action, and Intention


Join us on August, 11, 2016 at Sunset at the Santa Monica Beach Pier on the Beach side facing Venice. This happening is for all people and has been created to be in tandem with Santa Monica, Twilight Concert Series. RUFUS DU SOL is the featured line up.

Bring a picnic, some vino, an open heart, and lets make some art, love, and dance together! 

Art 4 All People Malibu will host an interactive and intercultural eco art ritual performance by Turkish Artist Gulay Alpay to evoke a prayer of reverence, sustainability, and Aloha to heal the Whales and Oceans. This is the Turkish artist third eco art ritual performance (Whale Song) will feature, Gulay Alpay’s painted silk fabric. On the littered beach, Alpay and a group organized by Art 4 All People, a Malibu-based company that promotes Turkish artists in the U.S. will create a social sculpture with the public, through interactive art making. Then all will create an art ritual and hold the silk painted banners aloft to flutter in the wind like a prayer flag, offering reverence, blessings, and compassion for the whales, Gaia, and Mother ocean.

About Gulay Alpay: Gulay’s urban art happenings—part art exhibit, part performance piece—inspire passersby of all ages to stop snapping photos with their phones, and participate in her pieces. Even her body becomes part of the canvas. At similar events held in public squares in Istanbul, Vienna, New York and London, hundreds of art participants engaged with her pieces or even picked up paint brushes to create a collective canvas. Gulay’s work, less high art than high purpose, blurs lines between artist and spectator.
NY Arts described Gulay’s paintings as “full of poetry, vibrant colors, and light.” Her rich use of color evokes the work of Kandinsky, Pollock and De Kooning. While her public interactive work scuttles boundaries between craft and fine art, viewers in the end are struck by its beauty and grace.

For more information and images of Gulay’s work or on Art 4 All People, visit: or

2015 Picture from Art 4 All People’s YogART Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii with Gulay Alpay, Ceylan Hulya MA, Don DeLeon, and Lisa Rasmussen MFA.

Art 4 All People, LLC, is an award-winning center for Art, Healing, Creativity, Consciousness, and Well-being based in Malibu, California. Art 4 All People promotes Turkish artists in the U.S. and hosts worldwide YogART (yoga and art) workshops, retreats, and intercultural gallery exhibits. To inquire about

Source: Art 4 All People

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